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QCPOA Board / Gold Links Mine

QCPOA owners, The Board has voted to not acquire an attorney fo represent the Association at this time as the company will not use any QCPOA roads for the proposed mining project. Lawana Langston QCPOA President

Mining Application Documents

Follow these steps to access the application and all supporting material submitted to Gunnison County for the proposed prospecting project.  The application, Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations and the attorney letters seem to have the most detail about the project. Go to Click on “Project” on the left side of the screen. […]

Gold Links Mine project info – Articles, company website

More information about the Gold Links Mine can be found in the attached articles from the Gunnison Country Times (with appreciation to Will shoemaker, editor) and the link to the Dateline Resources company website. Mining companies targeting rich resource near Ohio City – Gunnison Country Times Mine Plan Unearths Opposition – Gunnison Country Times Dateline Resource […]

Seasonal Closure of Springs

A couple of days ago I posted a notice at the bulletin board indicating the springs would be winterized the week of 10/15, weather permitting. Due to the current hard freezes and the forecast for the next 10 days, I decided to winterize the springs today before the weather got any worse. CP3, Gilmore, Pitkin […]

First Treated Water Through the Plant – Sept 25

See pictures on the photo gallery page.


Upcoming Meetings/Events

2019 Annual Meeting – Friday, July 5

The 2019 annual meeting is scheduled for July 5th at the Newcomb Community Center.

Next Board Meeting – June, 2019

The specific day is yet to be determined.  

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Protect Your Cabin from Wildfires

Cabins are vulnerable to the ravages of wildfire. To help protect your property, your first defense is to establish a defensive zone around your structures.  Every year, hundreds of homes and outbuildings are destroyed by wildfire. Many of these structures could have been saved if cabin owners, and homeowners, had followed some simple suggestions   […]

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