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Memorial Bench for Arnie McQueary

The memorial bench arrived on August 8th and will be set at the pond. We will put a plaque on it “In memory of Arnie McQueary” The total cost is $800.00 for bench, plaque and setting in concrete. Anyone wanting to contribute may send a check made out to QCPOA to Bill Meddock at Box […]

Cattle/Fence Chair Position Filled

Paul Hargrave is the new Cattle/Fence chairperson.

2018 Community Chipping Program

We are again part of the Community Chipping Program to implement wildfire mitigation around our cabins.  This flyer is focused on our Quartz Creek Properties chipping day: CCP Flyer Community Specific Quartz Creek 2018   For more information and to register, go to this URL: cowildfire.org/chipping.

Trees Marked on Grasshopper

Some trees were marked on Grasshopper in error.  There will be an effort to cover over the marks.  Rather than tree thinning, this year’s project will be to remove stumps along Highline Drive and Fossil View Road.

Board Change Announcement

Newly elected John Hart will take the secretary position vacated by Gary Bandy.  All other board members remain in their previous offices.


Upcoming Meetings/Events

Chipping Registration Deadline – August 19

Registration for this year’s chipping needs to be done by August 19th.  See the News item for more information. 

Next Board Meeting – August 10, 2018

4 pm at Lawana’s cabin, 2600 Highline.  Non-board members need to bring their own chairs.  

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Protect Your Cabin from Wildfires

Cabins are vulnerable to the ravages of wildfire. To help protect your property, your first defense is to establish a defensive zone around your structures.  Every year, hundreds of homes and outbuildings are destroyed by wildfire. Many of these structures could have been saved if cabin owners, and homeowners, had followed some simple suggestions   […]

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